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What are Enclosed Cargo Trailers Used For?

At Ouachita Trailer Sales (OTS) we’ve built an extensive range of safe, secure, and durable enclosed cargo trailers for sale in Arkansas and East Texas. These are sturdy and accessible transport vehicles, capable of being loaded, unloaded, and driven by anyone, yet strong and powerful enough to handle heavy or capacious loads.

These are all-weather vehicles designed for road use and come fitted with safety features that ensure they are simple to operate, fully roadworthy and towable by any competent driver.

Enclosed Cargo Trailers are solid, lockable, durable metal boxes set upon flatbeds with two or four rear wheels, which can connect to a car or truck with a towbar. They range in length from 10 to 24 feet, and in width from 5 to 8 feet. They stand 5 to 8 feet high.

Trailers can be graded by gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), and this specifies the maximum allowable weight of the vehicle once loaded. The GVWR of our trailers range from 2990lbs to 14,000lbs. Check the maximum towing weight of your car or truck before making your selection.

The benefits of enclosed cargo trailers are that they are secure, waterproof, robust and spacious. For convenient access, they have a side-opening door so you can access the interior even when the trailer is in tow. In addition, they have rear doors, which can open wide and permit access via a ramp.

On larger models, four wheels provide improved stability and a smoother ride and prevent the trailer from slewing during transit. Most models have a V-shaped nose, while others are flat at the front. A rotating crank arm raises or lowers the front of the trailer to enable easier connection or disconnection.

While enclosed cargo trailers are not themselves powered, they contain taillights and interior lights for safety and convenience. All our trailers have durable plywood interiors and 2 5/16” couplers.

The volume of our trailers ranges from 250ft3 to 744ft3, providing enough space for any purpose, from a hardware shopping trip to a major house move. Our customers use their trailers for all manner of purposes from domestic chores or vacations to small business use.

Picking the Right Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Choosing the right enclosed cargo trailer is relatively straightforward. First you need to consider what purpose you’ll put it to, then answer a series of simple questions:
  • What volume do I require?
  • What weight must my trailer carry?
  • What weight and size of trailer can my vehicle tow?
  • What size of vehicle am I happy to tow?
  • How durable do I need my trailer to be?
  • How secure should my trailer be?
  • What is my budget?
  • What color should its exterior be?

The main points of variation are in size, capacity, wheelbase, and exterior design. Once you’ve answered the questions above, your choice of enclosed cargo trailer will be much easier.

Size and Capacity

We have trailer models which range widely in size and capacity, to allow for small, medium, or heavy loads.

The following table explains the different sizes and capacities of some of our trailers, allowing you to compare their specs. You’ll get an idea how widely they range in volume and capacity.

2024 CYNERGY CARGO 5X10SA BASIC MODEL 10ft 5ft 5ft 250ft3 2990lbs
2024 CYNERGY CARGO 6X12SA 12ft 6ft 6ft 432ft3 2990lbs
2023 CYNERGY CARGO 8.5X20TA 20ft 8.5ft 7ft 1190ft3 7000lbs
2023 CYNERGY CARGO 8.5X24TA3 24ft 8.5ft 6.5ft 1326ft3 9990lbs
2024 CYNERGY CARGO 8.5X24TA4 24ft 8.5ft 7ft 1428ft3 14000lbs

Buying Your Trailer from Ouachita Trailer Sales

Our expert reps will talk you through the important considerations behind your choice of enclosed cargo trailer, to ensure you find the vehicle that’s right for you. This will include thinking about what you’ll use your vehicle for, where it will be stored, what towing vehicle you’ll use, and so forth.

We have a range of vehicles to suit all budgets, beginning at under $8500, and ranging to $12,650 for our largest, most capacious trailer.

As well as traditional financing options, we offer a rent to own program (requiring no credit check) and a Clicklease scheme for small businesses.

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