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What Are Equipment Trailers Used For?

Equipment trailers are versatile, heavy-duty hauling solutions used across industries to safely transport cargo. Construction crews depend on sturdy float trailers, dump trailers, tilts, and more custom trailers to efficiently move machinery, materials, and tools around job sites. Landscapers utilize open and enclosed trailers to protect delicate shrubs, trees, and turf equipment in transit to residential properties. The unparalleled durability, capacity size, and customization of equipment trailers make them invaluable assets for transporting heavy cargo across many diverse industries and applications.

Transporting bulky machinery, tools, and materials to job sites is the daily struggle bogging down your productive hours and your bottom line. Yet smoothly hauling all your heavy-duty construction, landscaping, farming, or towing gear is now a reality; not a pipedream.

Whether an enclosed 20-foot trailer for protecting delicate cargo or an open flatbed model for budget flexibility, this guide will connect you with the perfect equipment trailer engineered specifically for your niche hauling duties. Keep reading to gain exclusive insider tips on selecting equipment trailers tailored for lasting ROI rather than short-term savings.

Picking The Right Equipment Trailer

With such a vast range of equipment trailer varieties, sizes, configurations, and optional features on the market, it's crucial to pick the right model tailored to your unique equipment hauling needs so your investment provides maximum productivity, safety, and longevity through years of use.

As you conduct your trailer research and visits to dealership lots, here are the most important factors to consider:

  • Measure cargo dimensions & weights to select adequate trailer size, capacity, and deck space
  • Match trailer type to your equipment (livestock, construction, landscaping, car hauling, etc.)
  • Prioritize durable, rugged construction including steel/aluminum framing to withstand heavy use
  • Choose proper axle, suspension, & brakes for stability, control, smooth towing when fully loaded
  • Carefully assess ramps & door access to ensure cargo fits through openings
  • Customize with anchors, partitions, toolboxes, and shelving to secure cargo & equip trailer for site duty

Buying Your Trailer from Ouachita Trailer Sales

Ouachita Trailer Sales has earned a sterling reputation as the leading equipment trailer supplier in the region thanks to our incredible selection, competitive pricing, customer-first service, and industry expertise translating to the optimal trailer match for your needs.

Don’t waste another minute struggling to transport your heavy gear. Visit our dealership or call today to connect with specialists who listen first, ask the right questions, avoid pressure tactics, and match you with your ideal custom trailer solution for the job. Choose Ouachita Trailer Sales today.

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